Back Pain

Back pain is the most common medical ailment in the world. More people suffer from lower back pain than any other type of pain that is generated from the muscles. There are several reasons why people suffer from this type of pain, but one way to combat it is by strengthening the muscles in the back. Strong back muscles combined with proper posture can not only lessen back pain, it can even prevent many instances of the pain occurring in the first place.

What follows are seven simple core exercises you can perform to prevent back pain from occurring. Be sure to start slowly and perform the exercises correctly for maximum results. In 15 minutes per day, you can improve your core muscles which strengthen the lower back.


Lay on your back with the knees up. Squeeze your buttocks and raise them off the floor. This works the lower back muscles gently. Do ten repetitions and hold for five seconds, slowly lowering your buttocks back to the floor.

Lower Trunk Rotations

Same initial position as bridging, but instead you move the knees together from one side to the other trying to reach the floor with them. Keep the shoulders flat on the floor. This stretches the back muscles gently. Do ten repetitions and hold each side for five seconds.

Cat and Camel

On your hands and knees, raise up and then lower your back, assuming the positions of a cat and camel respectively. It may look a little funny at first, but this works the muscles gently, providing for greater strength and flexibility. Do ten repetitions and hold each position for five seconds.

Quadruple Alternate Arm and Leg

On your hands and knees, stretch right arm straight forward and left leg straight backward. Hold for five seconds and alternate with left arm and right leg. Do ten repetitions for each side and keep the movement smooth and simple.

Single Knee to Chest

Lay on your back, pull up the knee to the chest. This is more of a stretch, so keep your other leg bent to prevent any sharp pain. Draw in your stomach and hold the stretch. Do ten repetitions and hold for five seconds.

Standing Extensions

Stand straight up, put hands on hips, and lean gently backwards until you reach maximum extension without falling. Do ten repetitions and hold at full extension for five seconds.

Squeezing Shoulder Blades

Simply pull your arms back in an attempt to push your shoulder blades down and back. Do not try to force the muscles, simply work them by standing straight and putting your elbows in your back pocket. Do ten repetitions and hold for five second each.

These seven core exercises combined with a proper diet to keep your weight at normal levels can prevent many instances of lower back pain. By performing these exercises regularly, you keep your back muscles strong and flexible, so that you greatly lower the risk of having to experience lower back pain again.