Neck Exercises

The muscles in your neck are subject to a considerable amount of flexing, stretching, and overall posture that may increase the tension and tightness. The proper stretching exercises can help to relieve the tension in the muscles which means reduced pain, tension, and fatigue. What follows are a few simple physio neck stretches and exercises that can lower the tension levels while creating stronger, more flexible muscles in the neck area.

You can be seated when doing these exercises. Be sure you are sitting up straight by trying to point the crown of your head towards the ceiling.

Shoulder Roll

Simply roll your shoulders in a backward motion, shrugging them at the top and lowering them at the bottom. This loosens up the shoulders and helps to release tension in the neck.

Chin to Chest

Without moving your shoulders or back, lower your chin to your chest and hold. Stretch the back of your neck. You can put your hands on top of your head if you want.

Ear to Shoulder

Lower one ear towards your shoulder, hold, and repeat on the other side. Keep everything else still and feel the stretch. Do a few of them to stretch the muscles.

Side to Side

While keeping the body still, rotate your head so that you face one side of your body, then slowly rotate t the other side. Try to line up your nose with the direction of your shoulder. You can even point your nose down to the shoulder for an additional stretch. Repeat on each side, pointing the nose down to the armpit.

Nose to Knee

Pull shoulders back, place hand on top of your head, and look downward towards one leg. Line up your nose with your knee and use your hand to help stretch the muscles in the back of your neck. Repeat on each side a few times. Keep the opposite hand behind the body and hold the chair if you so wish.

Shoulder Push

Interlock your fingers with the palms facing inward and stretch your arms forward straight in front of your body. Let your arms reach full extension and dip the head forward putting your chin down to the chest. Then, unlock your fingers and pull your arms behind you, stretching the shoulders backwards while keeping your chin tucked.

After completing these exercises, be sure to breathe in and out a few times to release whatever remaining tension you have in your body. These exercises will fully stretch the neck and shoulder muscles causing them to strengthen and relax, so you can release any tension. It’s also a good routine to perform before you start an exercise program as it gets the muscles ready.

By taking a few minutes to perform these exercises daily, you can release the tension in your neck muscles. This may prevent neck pain, headaches, and fatigue when performed properly. It is recommended that before you start this program, that you see your doctor if you have been experiencing constant or frequent pain in the neck area.