How Weighted Blankets Can Assist with Muscle Recovery

One product that has been gaining traction in the public eye in recent years is the weighted blanket. This is a blanket that has weights which holds it tightly against the body compared to a normal blanket. The focus of weighted blankets has been in large part psychological. The feeling of being hugged or held while falling asleep is something many people find more comforting.

However, new research is indicating that weighted blankets can also help in muscle recovery. This means that for those who exercise frequently, especially those who engage in resistance or weightlifting routines, a weighted blanket may help the muscles recover faster and more completely before the next session.

How It Works

The concept is simple enough, a weighted blanket provides a subconscious feeling of being in a protected cocoon. The deep pressure which is not uncomfortable allows a person to feel better, more relaxed, and ready for sleep. While weighted blankets are considered a recent fad, they have been used in hospitals for decades.

In addition to the added weight, the blanket provides stronger contact with the skin which helps to calm the nerves. The production of melatonin and serotonin increase which aids in faster, better sleep while the cortisol which prevents the mind from relaxing is reduced. This means that your mood is improved, you fall asleep faster, and you wake up feeling more refreshed.

Besides being refreshed, one of the benefits is that your mood improves. Your mood may be dictated in large part by the amount of sleep you are getting. By getting a deeper, more relaxing sleep, you may be in a far better mood along with feeling less muscle soreness.

Faster Muscle Recovery

Even if you have little trouble falling asleep, a premium anxiety/weighted blanket provides for better muscle recovery thanks to the deeper, more relaxing sleep you will enjoy. You’ll notice this if you engage in cross fit or high intensity interval training (HIIT) which usually results in sore muscles the next day. A weighted blanket provides for better, deeper sleep which means that the muscles recover faster, so they feel less sore. You will also have greater energy as a result.

This means you are less tired and more energetic for the day. It also helps in maintaining a proper exercise routine as you feel better for the next workout. Of course, you will need to eat a healthy diet with plenty of protein which will rebuild the muscle tissues, but a weighted blanket can assist in the process. You will need to find the right weighted blanket which provides for the cocooning effect while still being soft and breathable.

Investing in a weighted blanket provides positive benefits for those who exercise frequently and have trouble falling asleep. By providing better, deeper sleep, an athlete can recover faster and feel more refreshed, so they can get more out of their next exercise session. The weighted blankets work for athletes and anyone else who wants faster muscle recovery through better sleep.

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